L’Hacienda du Danguin, built as a “Hunting Lodge”, probably between 1850 and 1870 , belonged to Raoul Barlerin (grand grand father of our family). A general practitioner and chemist, he was the inventor (in 1863) of the “CAFE BARLERIN”, a healthsome drink which made him famous along with the “MEXICAN FLOUR”, a medicine destined to children and sick people.

His reputation and fame brought him many awards and he started to try and heal his co-citizens with a republican weekly publication : “Le Bon Citoyen de Tarare et du Rhône” for which he was the Head Editor, with the following motto appearing on top of the first page :

« The value of a man comes from his work or his good deeds. »

As a Republican, he was elected three times as a member of the Tarare Municipal Council (from 1873 to 1880) without adhering to any political party. At the age of 63, still reckless, he started a factory of printing, cardboards, publicity, and of course food products…
He was busy with about everything, even wine! In those days, the Hacienda du Danguin vineyards were well known and received many awards !

The “Bon Citoyen” was on press until 1913/1914 and the food products production would cease by the eve of Word WAR II. The printing factory has lived through four generations until this day. I have been its President for 37 years (1969/2006). Today, new investors still run it under the same trademark : “BARLERIN PRINTINGS”.

Bruno, Françoise and “les Jardins de L’Hacienda” wish to keep alive this old tradition of hospitality which is the spirit of this family house, and I will be more than happy to tell you more about Raoul Barlerin.